Rob Thomas has finally set a release date for his new solo album: The Great Unknown will be in stores August 21.  Rob will promote the release with a performance on NBC’s Today show on August 24.

The set is now available for pre-order at iTunes, and those who do so will receive an instant download of the first single, “Trust You,” co-written by Ryan Tedder.  The video for the track has just premiered; it was directed by Phil Harder, who did Rob’s previous clips for “Ever the Same” and “Lonely No More,” as well as the Matchbox Twenty videos for “Mad Season” and “Disease.”

In the retro sixties-flavored video, a sunglasses-wearing Rob sings the song while a dancing woman is reflected in his shades.  He also sings while surrounded by ’60s-styled go-go dancers, retro graphics and images of hands with crossed fingers.  That’s what you do behind your back when you tell someone to trust you, but you don’t mean it.  There’s also a trippy psychedelic visual of Rob’s head surrounded by more dancing girls.

Rob’s currently on the road in the U.S. promoting The Great Unknown through August.  Plain White T’s are opening for him.