The rights to a song from long-running cartoon The Simpsons have been sold to an anonymous buyer for $38,500  

‘Do The Bartman’ was originally released in 1990, featuring on the album ‘The Simpsons Sing the Blues’. It was reportedly co-written by Michael Jackson, also featuring backing vocals from the late singer.  

The song went to Number One in the UK, later certified gold in the country. It also topped charts in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway.

Despite not receiving an official release in the US, the song peaked at Number 11 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay chart of radio plays.

Music Business Worldwide now report that the full publishing and songwriting rights for the novelty-rap track have been sold via auction site Royalty Exchange.

The sale allegedly includes “both BMI and Sony Publishing royalties” from the song, as well as royalties for collection of other songs by Bryan Loren, who co-wrote and produced the song with Jackson.

The Simpsons initially rejected reports that Jackson appeared on the track due to the fact that Jackson was signed to Sony and the song was released via rival label Geffen.


Matt Groening later said in 1998: “It has always been amazing to me that no-one ever found out that Michael Jackson wrote that song.”

However, co-writer Bryan Loren responded to the MBW article to downplay Jackson’s involvement.

“The story of the song and its creation has been a thorn in my side since I did it. But, despite Matt Groening’s repeated confessions, I am the sole writer of the song,” he said.

“While it’s true, along with me, Michael Jackson does sing backing vocals…. And so, obviously, he was involved. Perhaps this tidbit of info is not as sensational as saying MJ co-wrote the song, but I assure you, he did not.”