There have been rumors for years that the two biggest pop stars of the 80’s, Michael Jackson and Prince didn’t exactly get along, and the story has been raised again since Prince’s sudden death in April. 

Close friends of the Purple One revealed that he didn’t respect Jackson because he couldn’t play an instrument or read music, and now a recently published recording reveals that Jackson reportedly felt animosity towards Prince and predicted his premature death.

The tapes obtained by The Mirror were recorded three decades ago for Jackson’s 1988 autobiography Moonwalker.

“I don’t like to be compared to Prince at all. I have proven myself since I was real little. It’s not fair,” Jackson said.

“He feels like I’m his opponent. I hope he changes because boy, he’s gonna get hurt. He’s the type that might commit suicide or something.”

“He was so rude, one of rudest people I have ever met,” Jackson also said in the recordings.

“Prince is very competitive. He has been very mean and nasty to my family.”


Jackson mocked Prince for falling into the crowd after mistaking a papier mâché stage lamppost for a real one at a James Browntribute show in 1983 in Los Angeles.

“He made a fool of himself. He was a joke. People were running and screaming. I was so embarrassed. It was all on video.“


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