Can you believe Australian sweetheart Bindi Irwin is turning 18 on July 24? 

Yep, that’s right… little Bindi will officially be an adult! 

However while she loves wildlife, her 18th Birthday Bash won’t necessarily be ‘wild’. 

The young Wildlife Warrior and Dancing with the Stars champion has said that she has never considered drinking alcohol and is planning a low-key night in with a cup of tea, Chinese takeaway and a movie night with her mum Terri and brother Robert. 

“I might even have two cups of tea if I’m feeling really wild” she said. 

“Let me tell you – I’ve never even had Coca Cola because I try to avoid things like caffeine. Of course, I’ll have a piece of chocolate when I feel like it but I want to put the best things possible into my body”. 

Wise beyond her years! 


My little world. #EveryFamilyPhotoTurnsOutLikeThis

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Courier Mail

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