Remember when an artist released their new album on actual vinyl? And your local record store was your favourite place to hangout on weekends, spending hours flipping through album covers while listening to new music on a pair of headphones attached to the wall?

With everything being released digitally these days, that physical experience is nearly all but gone.

Saturday 16th April is Record Store Day an annual celebration of independent record stores and the people who love them.

It’s an important day for the music industry as it perfectly demonstrates the importance of the indie music store as one of the major avenues for the public to discover the many genres of music releases each year.

Record Store Day in Australia is run by The Australian Music Retailers Association (AMRA) and has the unqualified support of record companies and Australian music icons who appreciate the importance of supporting indie music stores. 

If you love collecting records, listening to records and live music, check out to find Record Store Day events in your area and show your support.


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