If you thought the Real Housewives of Melbourne was sensational, wait until you see the franchise’s latest creation.

As promos for the Real Housewives of Sydney begin to air around the nation, controversy is already bubbling over, faster than a glass of Jackie Gillies’s ‘French champagne.’ On a side note, ladies all champagne is French champagne.

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A producer of the show has revealed some shocking behind the scenes confessions, including the bizarre and insulting way one of the women teaches her children about the class system.


The insider claims the new housewife takes her kid to the economy section on the plane and says, “This is what poor people look like,’ the Daily Telegraph revealed.

Wow… just WOW!

The source also revealed that the claws were out as soon as filming began. Everything from cheating accusations to critiquing one another’s parenting choices we’re off topic. 

While our psychic abilities are no match for Jackie Gillies, we’re foreseeing lots more drama.  


The show premieres on Foxtel on February 26 at 8:30pm. We can’t wait!

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