Brisbane’s Story Bridge is celebrating a major milestone this year, its 75th birthday!

While it may be one of the city’s most iconic structures, not many people know about it’s history. So for this week’s Quirky’s Quirks we’re getting up to speed…

  • As early as the 1920s discussions were held about constructing a bridge to connect Kangaroo Point to the city.
  • In 1935, this dream became a reality when construction started on the bridge.
  • The bridge was originally designed by Dr John Bradfield, who was the same man who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • The design of the Story Bridge was based on the Montreal Harbour Bridge, as well as complimenting Brisbane’s skyline at the time.
  • Construction of the bridge took place between 1935 and 1940 and during the peak of construction in 1938, close to 400 people were employed in the workshops, office and on site.
  • One man even had the job of making sure that the ends of the bridge met exactly in the middle!
  • During construction the bridge was known as the Jubilee Bridge, in honour of George V but it was officially named the ‘Story Bridge’ after John Douglas Story. John Story was a prominent figure in the Queensland Public Service and served as the Public Service Commissioner from 1920 to 1939. He was also a member of the Stanley River Works Board and a member of the bridge board.
  • The Story Bridge officially opened to traffic on 6 July 1940 and has since become a real icon of Brisbane.

To celebrate the bridge’s milestone, a street party is being held on the Story Bridge, Sunday July 5th. There will be free entertainment, 20 food trucks and 80 food vans and 4 stages. 

To register for the event, head to Council’s website More tickets will be available in the coming days.

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