Today’s Quirky’s Quirk is the Eagle Street Pier precinct in Brisbane City…

• We now know Eagle Street as a popular dining precinct, but we bet you didn’t know that for over 100 years it served as the main wharves for Brisbane.

• The first wharf was built in 1858 and was used by costal passenger and cargo ships to dock in Brisbane.

• Australian United Steam Ship Company was the largest shipping company to occupy the wharves and ran steam ships between Brisbane and Sydney.

• These steam ships provided a vital communication service to the isolated residents of Brisbane. The sounding of the whistle of the steam ship as they came up the Brisbane River meant news of the outside world.

• In 1864, the wharf was extended in both directions – upstream towards Margaret Street and downstream towards Mary Street.

• By 1900, the Australasian United Steam Company owned five adjoining wharves with a total length of 270 metres.


• Passenger and cargo vessels berthed at the Eagle Street Wharves right up until 1960, when they fell into disuse.

• In their final years, the wharves were used for car parking and were eventually demolished to make way for restaurants and buildings.

• The area underwent a renaissance when Eagle Street Pier was built in 1989, transforming it into Brisbane’s premier riverfront dining and entertainment precinct.

• During the 2011 floods, Eagle Street Pier suffered extensive damage with the walkway going under water, restaurants inundated with water and the ferry terminal damaged.

• The ferry terminal was rebuilt and restaurants reopened and Eagle Street Pier is again a bustling hive of activity.

• You can take in the stunning river and city views by taking a stroll or enjoying a bike ride along the Eagle Street Pier walkway.

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