This fortnight in Quirky’s Quirks, the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk looks back at the popular area of Teneriffe and the iconic Woolstores!

• The popular inner city suburb of Teneriffe was formerly a busy industrial area.

• In the 1910s and 1920s, Teneriffe developed as Brisbane’s principal woolstore precinct, where wool was railed and shipped from all over Queensland.

• Three major factors shaped this development: the presence of a railway, the availability of deep river wharfage, and the expansion of primary industry in Queensland.

• The first of the Teneriffe wharves was constructed in 1907 by Dalgety and Co.

• Until the construction of the first woolstore, bales were stored in bond stores scattered around Brisbane.

• Following Dalgety’s move into the area, five more stores were erected in Teneriffe during the wool boom between 1909 and 1915.


• During the early 1930s, wool contributed 50 percent of Queensland’s total exports.

• During the First World War, hospital ships for wounded soldiers berthed at Dalgety’s wharf.

• The wharves were also used during the Second World War as a base for the US submarines.

• Teneriffe and New Farm were thought to be potential bombing targets, and many residents left the area, during the war years.

• From the mid-1960s, the importance of the Teneriffe facilities to the Queensland wool industry slowly declined, and the Teneriffe wharves, having failed to keep pace with technological changes, and lacking sufficient depth for container vessels, were replaced in 1977 by the Port of Brisbane Authority’s new facilities at Fisherman’s Island.

• From the mid-1970s, many of the former woolstores were being recycled for office, storage and retail purposes.


• Today Teneriffe is a thriving residential precinct and is a fine example of urban consolidation.

• To learn more about the history of Teneriffe and its rich history, go for a walk or cycle along the boardwalk and take in the river views.

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