The Obamas and the royal family are engaging in trash talk with Britain’s royals before next week’s Invictus Games.

Cos who doesn’t love a bit of trash talk!

The Invictus games is an athletic competition for wounded military personnel and veterans, and a cause that Prince Harry has heralded in recent years.

In a video promoting the Invictus Games, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II look over a program of participating athletes when the prince gets a message from Michelle Obama.

“Hey, Prince Harry – remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games?” the first lady asks in a video.


“Careful what you wish for,” President Barack Obama adds with arms crossed and a group of veterans standing behind him.

One mimes a mic drop, saying, ‘Boom!”

The queen scoffs at their bluster. “Oh, really. Please.”

Prince Harry smiles, miming his own mic drop: “Boom!”

There’s no trumping Queen Elizabeth II with that!


The competitions will be held in Orlando, Florida.

With AAP

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