Queen Elizabeth, take the wheel!

Her Majesty has been snapped peering over the wheel of her trusty Range Rover the weekend, happily chauffeuring a bevvy of in-laws around her Scotland residence.

First up was the Duchess of Cambridge, who looked as excited as we would be to be sitting shotgun with the Queen; note the monarch’s sensible hands-at-the-10-and-two-position driving style.

(We’re going to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Queen Elizabeth is the only person in the UK who’s allowed to drive without a license, since each one is technically issued in her name and it’s not like she’d need to sign off on her own set of Ps.)

Then it was Kate’s mum Carole’s turn to jump in the front seat; you can just about make out Michael Middleton peering around the headrest from the back seat.


Talk about welcoming them to the family with open arms!

It’s believed that Prince William’s in-laws have been staying at Her Majesty’s Balmoral Castle, enjoying an end-of-summer holiday with the young Royal couple and the gorgeous Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

It is, however, the first time the Middletons have been invited to stay at the Queen’s private residence; normally they’re guests at nearby Birkhall, Prince Charles’ abode.

“I think there is a genuine affection towards Kate and her family,” Emily Nash, HELLO!’s Royal correspondent said. “William loves them and clearly wants them to be very much a part of his family life with George and Charlotte, and his grandmother clearly appreciates this.”


So… Does this mean the Queen never had to take a driving test?

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