Perfect eyesight is a very rare occurrence, so most people have to, at some stage in their life, have to wear glasses or stick their finger in their and put a contact lense in.

While contacts make you look like you have perfect eyesight and most people, lets face it, look hotter without glasses, they have become a very popular item to buy.

However, there are some risks with them as reports have shown that they put people at risk of eye infections.

Researchers at the New York University School of Medicine recently swabbed a bunch of people’s eye sockets to compare the bacterial difference between contact lense wearers and non lense wearers.

The findings say, that while lense wears are more likely to have more skin bacteria in their eyes, it also seems like the eyeball environment changes to be more welcoming to all the icky stuff that can survive on a finger tip.

So, while contact lenses may not be for everyone and there is a hightened risk of infection… actually your eye can take it unless it is a serious amount of dirt.

The best way to avoid getting an infection, is of course to make sure you washed your hands and completely dried them before you have put a contact lense in and NEVER rub your eyes while they are in. If they are itchy.. take them out. It’s that simple.


The body never ceases to amaze me.

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