Reports have surfaced that the emergency landing of Prince’s private jet just days ago saw him admitted to hospital due to a drug overdose – not ‘flu like symptoms’. 

Prince was allegedly rushed to hospital where doctors administered a ‘save shot’, which generally is used to counter the effects of opiate like drugs. 

Multiple sources have confirmed the news to TMZ, after the singer was pronounced dead in his own home last night. 

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It is suggested that doctors advised a longer stay at the hospital but when they could not accommodate him with a private room, Prince rejected their advice and was released three hours later. 

A cause of death is yet to be released, however Minnesota authorities who are investigating the case have been in contact with the hospital for medical records from the incident. 

Prince was seen visiting his local pharmacy on the day of his death. 


He was allegedly found unresponsive in his personal elevator and emergency services were unable to revive him at the scene. 


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