Prince has been rushed to hospital after his plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Moline Illinois. 

There are varying reports of his current condition, however one source states that is ‘not doing well’. 

It has been labelled a ‘medical emergency’. 

The 57-year-old performed on Thursday night at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta and apprently finished the show flawlessly. 

This dude right here is the #Truth – Thank you for tonight my dear #Prince 😍

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But after boarding his private jet at approximately 11pm, the flight only lasted approximately two hours before being forced to make the emergency stop. 


Prince had been suffering from the flu earlier in the week. 

The show was the second of three back-to-back shows. 

TMZ have tweeted that the singer has now been released from medical care but has been in and out of hospital due to illness in recent weeks.

We hope that he is in fact okay and doesn’t need to make any more visits to hospital! 

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