Prince’s longtime keyboard player Matt Fink has hit out at Madonna for not making more of her tribute to his old boss at the Billboard Music Awards.

The former Revolution regular was quite excited by the idea of Madonna saluting Prince at the awards show on Sunday night, but was left more than a little disappointed by the Material Girl’s performance.

“I’m a huge Madonna fan, always have been, and I know her heart was in all of it,” Fink told Billboard.

“My own personal opinion was I wish she’d done more of a medley, maybe, not just Nothing Compares (2 U) and go right into Purple Rain with Stevie Wonder.

“I thought there should have been more thought put into it as a real tribute – give the fans more than two songs. Maybe she should’ve done three or four.”

Fink, who is now a member of Prince tribute band the Purple Xperience, was also a little upset that the producers of the ceremony didn’t invite members of the Revolution to be part of the tribute.

“I don’t know if the Revolution would have done it,” he adds. “Even if we’d been asked in a proper way I think we may have turned it down because… it’s too soon. I don’t know how that would be perceived. But nobody asked us.”


He’s not the only one who felt Madonna’s Prince tribute was a little lacklustre.

Fans flooded social media on Sunday night to poke holes in Madonna’s choice of costume, songs and delivery, while many other critics felt Billboard awards bosses picked the wrong person to honour the music icon, who died in April.

Source: AAP, Image: Getty