Prince Harry sure knows how to bring the joy to some British kids.

He visited 500 soldiers deployed to Weeton Barracks as a result of flooding that ripped through Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria over Christmas.

But given the amount of rain England sees every year, the soldiers knew what to expect.

“If it’s not raining, it’s not training, as they say,” Harry joked.

About 500 soldiers were sent to help residents who were forced to evacuate homes and businesses after four major storms, Desmond, Eva, Frank and Gertrude, ripped through the area leaving buildings underwater.

Corporal Joseph Greenwood told Harry it was a “humbling experience” to help those in need and that it didn’t matter that they couldn’t enjoy their Christmases. 


“We might have lost our Christmas but we haven’t lost our homes, our possessions and our photographs. We can move our Christmas,” he added.

He visited children from Weeton Primary School and Honeypots Nursery during the visit in Blackpool, England.

About 200 kids are staying on the Barracks, and they asked the Prince sweet questions like where his crown is.

“It’s a nice way of repaying the children because on Christmas Day many woke up without their parents, who were helping out,” Weeton Primary School head teacher Anthony Goff told reporters. “Year 5 have been writing to the Queen to see if she will come and officially open the school. I have told the children to be on their best behavior so he would put in a good word with his grandmother.”

Source: E! Online


Photos: Getty

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