Since the sudden death of legendary performer Prince last week, a host of rare or previously unseen clips and performances have been posted online in tribute.

We think this is one of the best we’ve seen so far, featuring Prince as a special guest of Sheryl Crow.

The video was filmed in 1999 in Toronto when Sheryl was on tour and Prince joined her onstage to sing and play an amazing solo on her hit ‘Every Day Is A Winding Road’

Prince loved the song so much he included his own version on his album ‘Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic’ released the same year.

Crow’s guitarist Peter Stroud dug out the video from his archives this week and uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

Speaking to Prince Facebook fan page The Prince Museum, Stroud recalled: 

“Prince was the first person I ran into entering our dressing room that afternoon. Sitting up on the back of the sofa in his purple lamé outfit, gold sparkle in his hair and chest and purple cane, I thought, man you are ‘IT’ A vision, to say the least, and he warmly greeted me as I walked in. If anything, I felt more at ease talking with him rather than intimidated. We all visited for a good 30 min or so, planned out the jam. He was incredibly cordial, funny and respectful. I knew he would bring the house down that night and of course he did.”


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