Katherine Heigl constantly craves sweet treats and donuts since getting pregnant.

The 37-year-old former Grey’s Anatomy actress announced in June she is expecting a baby boy, due to arrive next January. Katherine already has two adopted daughters with her country singer husband Josh Kelley – seven-year-old Naleigh and four-year-old Adalaide.

And while the pregnancy is going smoothly, Katherine reveals her diet has changed.

“Thankfully I don’t really have many symptoms… I’m just really hungry,” she told Entertainment Tonight, adding she’s craving “mostly sweets” despite previously not caring for them. “I wake up every morning really wanting a donut… or ten.”

With regards to how her daughters were coping with the news that they will soon being getting a baby brother, Katherine shares the pair are both “so excited”.

Similarly, the star says husband Josh is “hugely ready” to welcome a son, considering there are so many women in his family.

“He’s just surrounded by women! It’s me, the two girls, my niece Madison often lives with us in Utah… and then my mum,” she explained. “His brother had a baby last February, a little boy named Ward,” she added, noting that the Kelley brothers are already excited to play golf with their little ones, saying, “They’re already talking about their foursome.”


Even with her exciting journey ahead in her personal life, Katherine is also looking forward to seeing the reaction to her upcoming legal drama Doubt, which airs on CBS this September. Of her return to television, the blonde star says her character feels like a combination of roles she’s played in the past, only with a little more perspective.

“It’s been really fun to play her because she does, on some level, feel familiar,” she shared. “But – because of age and experience – there’s a level of intelligence and sophistication to her that I haven’t always gotten to play.”


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