American singer P!nk has revealed she once fought with the late Prince, who refused to collaborate with her.

During an interview, the singer spoke of the duo’s encounter, explaining they argued about “owning your own master”, a license that gives the right to reproduce a specific recording.

“I asked him to collaborate with me and he asked me if I owned my own master,” explaining she had only just signed a record deal, which meant it was too early to demand her masters back.

“He told me to call him when I did and I told him he was a real ****. Then I went on stage,” she laughed.

While admitting Prince’s remark was all in good nature, The Funhouse singer explained: “I totally loved him. I was 19 at the time, so I didn’t see people come from good places then.”

Prince is known not only for his musical legacy but for his many collaborations with other artists.

He boosted singer-songwriters including Rita Ora and Kendrick Lamar, and performed alongside Beyonce at the 2004 Grammy Awards ceremony.


P!nk spoke of her devastation following the death of the purple performer, describing him to be “everybody’s genius”.

“I feel like with David Bowie and Prince and so many, the world lost a lot of sparkle this year and it is hurting my heart because I don’t know what is going to replace it,” she said.

“These people are irreplaceable.”

Source: AAP, Images: Getty

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