Peter Andre has done a good job of staying in the spotlight after being at risk of falling into the black hole oblivion of 1990s’ popstars, without releasing a hit song since his ab-filled heyday. But, while we all have a soft spot for the ‘Mysterious Girl’ crooner, we’re not sure about his latest attempt to recreate the single’s most famous ab-tan-water scenes ever… 

I clearly still can’t get over it 20 years on 🙂

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According to those tanned shoulders, he has done a good job of keeping in shape 20 years later. But, these days, his wet-slick look is much less sexy and a lot more drowned-rat-dad… We’re sure it was all just a bit of fun, but maybe stick to being the most bronzed dad on the block, Pete. Keep the past in our happy 90s’ pop memory bank. 

Speaking of… enjoy. 



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