It was apt that Jimmy Barnes performed In The Midnight Hour at the 58th Logies Awards because that’s the time the telecast ended.

The Nine Network coverage of TV’s night of nights ran an hour overtime, finishing when Waleed Aly’s stirring acceptance speech concluded at midnight.

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Irate viewers pasted Nine for the Logies running ridiculously overtime, with the winner coming close to being announced on Monday and not Sunday when the telecast started.

“As much as I love watching the Logies I feel like I’m visibly ageing waiting for the Gold Logie announcement,” tweeted MizzM.

Another fan posted, “#Logies will finish just before the @TheTodayShow at this rate!, while Anna gave up about 11pm when she tweeted, “Goodnight #Logies. You are taking the piss.”


Kate Grady fired off a warning to the executives behind the telecast of the Academy Awards.

“Hey #Oscars2016 – THIS is how not to do it #Logies,” she tweeted.

When it finally came down to announcing the Gold Logie winner, comedian David Hughes apologised for the telecast dragging on so long.

When Barnes performed, it was just after 11pm when the show was scheduled to end.

“I want to apologise also to anyone at home who was taping the Logies because your tape ran out 20 minutes ago,” Hughes said.


“So you’re not watching this anyway. But people in the morning are going to think that Jimmy Barnes won the Gold Logie.”

Despite all the flak on Twitter, there was a lone voice of approval for the telecast which included an unscheduled performance by Julia Morris singing I Need A Hero.

“I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually enjoyed the #Logies. So funny,” tweeted Belinda Godfrey.


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