Do you ever see an optical illusion and struggle to see anything apart from the first image you saw?

Me too.

It’s like the huge #thedress illusion from last year.

Half of the world thought they saw a white and gold dress, half thought they saw black and blue.

It was so weird.

Now, an image has popped up on Reddit showing a father kissing his child’s head, with the mother playing with the bub’s legs.

It’s so sweet.


However, as the man is bald – people say all they can see is a bum, and a bumhole hovering on top of the bub’s head.

Do you see it?

That’s so weird!

My eyes keep flicking from being able to see the bald head – and then the butt and it’s seriously messing with my head.



Reddit user DrBellend perhaps put the experience of looking at this bizarre photo best, saying, “Such prolonged horror. My brain desperately reworked its perspective looking for something less heinous. It took way too long. “

Source: Cosmopolitan

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