Let’s face it, this was always going to happen.

As Pokemon Go fever takes over, people are now placing ads on Gumtree in the hunt to “catch them all”!

There’s the person looking for a driver…

The catch? You must let ‘Ash’ call you Brock or Misty and follow orders.

In exchange you’ll not only be rewarded with snack and fuel – but a few pokeballs.

Then there’s the guy willing to help “hatch your ‘Incubated Eggs'”…


Not only that, he’s happy to help keep you safe so you don’t have to drive and play – for just $20/hr!

There are now also tours on the Gold Coast for people hunting Pokemon…

It’s like going to see the homes of your favourite celebs really.

And if you prefer a premium service? Well that’s taken care of too…


Now that’s what you call an entrepreneur!

But enough of that, it’s time to go back to hunting Pokemon…

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