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Pearl Jam are known as one of the best live acts going around and will quite often include cover version’s in their sets.

The type of acts they usually cover have been the likes of The Who, Neil Young and The Ramones, so hard core fans were a little surprised when they covered the Doobie Brothers 70’s hit ‘Taking It To The Streets’ a few nights ago at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

As lead singer Eddie Vedder explained to the crowd:

“I’ve got this friend, right? And I’ve known him long enough where he could give me some s—, so we’re celebrating a big birthday for him and his request was so f—ed up. Just f—ed up. I was like, ‘That’s a bit gutsy, especially at the Garden. I don’t want f— around when we’re playing the Garden.”



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And here’s the original performed live by the Doobies.

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