My understanding of what happens in an operating theatre during brain surgery is hugely limited – aka what you see on Grey’s Anatomy – but this seems incredible. 

During open brain surgery there is sometimes a need for the patient to remain awake and alert throughout the procedure, generally requiring some form of conversation between the doctors and the person going under the knife. 

But we had never heard of someone singing and playing guitar as it was happening… 

According to this Youtube video, Kalkamp Anthony Dias, 33, remained awake during his surgery and treated the surgeons and nurses to a rendition of The Beatle’s ‘Yesterday’. 

With lyrics such as “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they’re here to stay, oh, I believe in yesterday” it seems an interesting choice of song but none the less. 

Watch his performance below. Obviously the medical practitioners were impressed. 


An excerpt from the videos description reads as follows: 

The neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Ghizoni staff held in the last week, once surgery for brain tumor extract in which the patient is kept awake. This time, the tests carried out during the procedure, went beyond the interaction through gestures and talks between the patient and the surgical team. Kulkamp Anthony Dias, 33 years old, sang and played guitar while the doctors performed the surgery.

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