They were the hottest commodity among kids this Christmas.

Now, it seems some Hatchimals have failed to, well, hatch.

Hatchimals are fluffy toy animals that hatch from an egg after being interacted with. In the lead-up to Christmas, the $79 toy was being sold for up to $300 online.

An apology posted to Facebook on Boxing Day by Hatchimal manufacturer Spin Master has attracted thousands of irate customers who have described the situation as “devastating” and a “disaster”. 


“We purchased 2 Hatchimals, One hatched without issues. The second one didn’t hatch even after nurturing it for hours!” said one commenter on Facebook.

“Our Hatchimal wouldn’t hatch [after] four hours of rubbing and patting,” said another.

One commenter pointed out that the toy helped children to nurture and be patient.

Meanwhile others took a different approach…


Some couldn’t help but rub it in.

There is even a failed-to-hatch Hatchimal support group, Dead Hatchimal Owners United, which has attracted almost 2000 members.

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