An awful story has come out of New York City.. 

Tiger, a 7 year old well behaved and affectionate cat has been left physically and emotionally heart broken, after he was dumped by his owner at New York City Animal Care and Control Centre. 

Tiger cried deeply as his owner walked off, knowing full well that he would be euthanised. 

The reason Tiger was dumped? Because his owner bought a new couch

Tiger had lived with his family for 7 years. 

Luckily, on the day Tiger was scheduled to be euthanised, Magnificent Cat Rescue and Rehoming from Bronx stepped in to save his life. 

However things got worse for Tiger as his depression set in. He refused to eat or drink and was taken to the hospital when he continued to stay curled up in a ball and just didn’t move. 


Tiger lost 2.7 pounds, was dehydrated and placed on IV therapy.

While Tiger’s health conditions continue to be a pressing concern, he has since moved out of isolation and is present where staff and technicians work. He is getting attention and head pets. The latest update is that Tiger ate a little food on his own too! 

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Source: Examiner

Image Source: Facebook 

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