It’s the question we all want the answer to… did the Married At First Sight couples get down and dirty on the night of the wedding?

Well, thankfully, we have answers.

Cowboy Sean, who we met on Monday night’s episode has revealed that his first night ‘was incredible’ and revealed that had shared a ‘bath’ that was ‘sensational’.

Now, there could be more to it than just the bath we reckon as they are sure they are ready to ‘fall in love’ with each other.

They could be the cutest couple on the show.. especially when you take into the disaster of a wedding that occurred on Tuesday with Michael instantly being hated by his wife Scarlett’s mother.


He completely ignored her which lead to her saying he was ‘rude’ and a pig.

Cannot wait to see how all these marriages unfold!

Married At First Sight airs on Channel 9 at 7:30PM.

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