When it comes to technology and pets, we are generally all for it. 

But this new invention has us a little unsure. 

Enter “The Posting Tail”. 

A new invention from Pedigree allows your dog to take photos whenever he excitedly wags his tail. 


Made up of a sensor attached to the tail, a camera and a wifi dongle that automatically posts the photos to your pet’s social media accounts – yep, your dog needs its own Facebook page – the premise is to create a collection of photos of when your dog is happiest. 

Whether it is walking through the pet’s favourite park, playing with its owner or seeing what they get up to when you are not home…

Another component of “The Posting Tail” is an additional GPS that tracks where each of the photos are taken.

While the product has not hit shelves, Pedigree have put a competition out for three lucky winners to trial the product. 

We’re still not 100% sure if it is just a marketing ploy by Pedigree, but it certainly has our attention. 

Would you be lining up to get one for your pet pooch? 

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