US based Australian actress Nicole Kidman has called for Americans to throw their support behind President-Elect Donald Trump.

In an interview on the red carpet at the UK premiere of her latest film Lion, Kidman told the BBC “[Trump is] now elected and we, as a country, need to support whoever is the president.”

“That is what the country is based on. And however that happened, it happened, and let’s go.”

While Kidman grew up in Australia, the 49-year-old was born in Hawaii and holds dual US/Australian citizenship.

In the past week, while doing the promotional rounds, Kidman has spoken about her desire to have a third child but she has been struggling to conceive.

She told the UK’s Mail on Sunday ‘“In everything that has happened in my life, being a mother has been the overriding thing that has changed everything and made it better,”

She continued: “I still have the faintest hope that something may happen to me this year. “Keith and I would love to have more babies. My grandmother gave birth to my mother at 49. I would be beyond happy and just welcome it with open arms.”


But she added: “You go through heartbreak again and again and then you start to tell yourself it might never happen. I honestly never believed I would actually give birth to a child, then at 41 I became a mother.

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