**Update: iPhone 5 users must wait a few more days to get the update after the update locked people out of their phones. Apple is working on fixing the bugs in the software for older iPhone users.**

There have been countless studies telling us not to use our smartphones right before we go to sleep, but we can’t help it.

The artificial blue light emitted from our phones can wreak serious havoc with our circadian rhythm, according to Harvard Medical School.

The blue light suppresses melatonin production, which makes you feel sleepy, so it makes us more likely to stay up later and wake up feeling tired in the morning.

It also contributes to potentially causing “cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.”

So for those of us who are in the habit of being subjected to blue light before bed, there’s good news if your technology is an Apple product. 


With the new Software update, iOS 9.3, there’s a feature called “Night Shift”. It alters the colour composition of your screen, reducing the blue light.

To set it up, first install the new update. Then it’s available under “Display and Brightness” in your settings, and you can set it to a timer, or manually shift it each night!

Source: Harvard Medical School

Top photo: Stock image