Robert Mehang – the co-creator of phone app ‘On the Spot Fines’ called in to chat to Laurel, Gary and Mark this morning about his creation and some of the more peculiar laws in place on Queensland roads. 

Listen below to the full interview audio. 

The app allows you to browse possible fines and penalties that are current under Queensland Law to ensure you know your rights and can make sure you are acting in accordance with them. 

While some are more than self explanatory here is a list of five rules that you may not know of… and some will be more helpful than others. 

1. Motorbike Rider failing to keep at least one hand on handlebars – $151 fine

2. Pedestrian disobey red pedestrian light – $45 fine


3.Driver failed to remove ignition key with no-one 16 years or older remaining in vehicle – $45 fine

4. Playing a game on a road – $45 fine

5. Bicycle rider fail to keep at least one hand on handlebars – $113 fine

6. Person smoking in motor vehicle when a person under 16 is in vehicle – $227 fine

7. Leading an animal while riding bicycle – $113 fine

8. Make a bonfire on road / Throw or Set a firework on the raod – $45 fine


9. Talking on a mobile phone while driving – $341 fine

10. Improper u-turn at an intersection – $91 fine and 3 points

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