My Kitchen Rules star Kyle McLean last week joked that half of the table on the show were on Tinder.

But it looks likes one contestant is too interested in him to bother looking anywhere else.

Bek Outred, 27, was joined by show partner Ash on The Morning Show this morning, to dish the dirt on her romance with rival contestant Kyle.

The self-proclaimed flirts spoke to hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, speaking about the nature of the relationship.

‘With Kyle and me, we have a very similar sense of humour, so I think it was just the conversation.’ Bek began.

‘And we were conveniently sitting next to each other. So, yeah it just naturally happened.’

She then got lost in her thoughts before saying before Kylie said ‘I don’t know, I saw him wolfing down the food, he would eat you out of house and home, I’m not sure that’s a love you would like to pursue,’ Kylie said.


Putting aside the negative tone of the host’s assessment, the smitten contestant replied: ‘Yeah! He is a beast. He eats a lot. So as you can see from his physique, he does need a lot of food to maintain that.’

‘That rugged exterior,’ agreed on Kylie.

Maybe love will blossom on MKR after all!