A woman in the US has opted for one of the best ways to reveal the gender of her baby that I have ever seen. It also involved a lot of trust!

Amanda asked her stylist, Amanda Sacrison, to not only do the honours of revealing her baby’s sex but to do so by colouring either her blue for a boy or pink for a girl. 

Amanda passed over a sealed letter from her doctor to her hairdresser, which detailed every aspect of the baby’s progress so far. It helped Sacrision to create the perfect surprise hairstyle and the result was BLUE HAIR!

The response is amazing, she is so excited to be having a boy and says ‘Oh lord, thank you! I was going to cry so hard if it was a girl’. She then kisses her husband Gordon, who is also clearly thrilled with the baby being a boy!

I’m actually super pumped for them!

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