A woman in the UK suffered a stroke without even knowing it, mistaking the symptoms for hangover.

Leanne Arnold, 33, had a stroke after a long day at a BBQ with friends last July, and is now warning others to recognise the early signs.

She experienced dizziness and a headache, and assumed it was a hangover and went for a lie down.

But when she woke a couple of hours later, she collapsed with a severe headache and pins and needles.

Unable to walk, she was rushed to hospital by ambulance, where doctors learned she had a deadly brain bleed that had left her paralysed down her right side.

She made a speedy recovery, and a year later is warning that strokes can affect young, healthy people too.

“The moment I collapsed I suddenly saw my life flash before my eyes; it was an incredibly scary experience.


“Luckily I rang my dad, who called the ambulance, just before it got serious, but I was still pretty incomprehensible and panicked.

“When the medics arrived, I was barely able to say my name, let alone walk.

“I just remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to die yet’,” she told the Mirror.

She was immobile for the next six weeks, her right side paralysed and unable to speak.

“Given I have led such a healthy lifestyle, I was confused and scared when I suffered the stroke at such a young age. But it serves as a harrowing reminder that strokes can affect anyone at any age, and we need to raise people’s awareness.”

You can read more about Leanne’s story here, and learn more about the early signs of a stroke here.


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