Sachi Nakamura received a unique surprise recently. 

Mere months after her daughter Miho Nakamoe passed away from stomach cancer, she opened the mail to find two letters.

One written by a 15-year-old Miho, the other by a 17-year-old Miho from old class assignments with the purpose of acting like a time capsule. 

What’s more heartbreaking is the letters are addressed to her older self, filled with her future ambitions and hopes for the future. 

The letters were found in the belongings of her old English teacher Mr Kevin Wall, who has now also passed away. 

While the mother did not reveal the full letters, we can only imagine how hard it would be to read. 


But in her Facebook post, Sachi was just happy to read the bubbly, bright prose of her daughter, who she misses dearly. 

“It is such a bitter sweet surprise,” she said.

“It’s so sweet to see her handwriting, and her usual bubbly tone coming alive again.

“Yet to think that all her aspirations for her future could’t have a chance to bloom into something tangible breaks my heart.

“Even so, I am very glad I got them. Thank you, whoever mailed this back to us. Thank you. This is so precious.”

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