It’s not something you hear very often, if at all, in your lifetime but it’s happening for two people in the UK and it has caused them to go into hiding to avoid a 15-year prison sentence.

Kim West, 51, and Ben Ford, 32 have been in a relationship for the past two years and describe their sex as ”incredible and mind blowing” according to British tabloid New Day.

The thing is, there’s a bit of a story. 

West, who was born in the UK, fell pregnant while studying in California aged 19. She decided to give the baby boy up for adoption a week after his birth and heard nothing for the following 30 years.

However, in December 2013, Ford sent his birth mother a letter and they soon began exchanging phone calls. West admits it had felt like they had ”known each other for years.”

West then says she began to have ”sexy dreams” about her biological son. While she was confused about the attraction, she then searched about what it could be and found an article on ”Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)”. 

There were similar stories online about GSA, in which relatives who were separated at birth and then reunited as adults began having sexual feelings for each other. She said it was like a weight had been lifted.


Her son was also aware of the phenomenon, having learnt about it in an adoption support group before contacting his mother.

In January 2014, the couple agreed to meet at a hotel, they shared their first kiss over a bottle of Champagne before it quickly turned sexual, which prompted Ford to dump his wife, Victoria.

Ford told his now ex-wife that ”every time I had sex with you since I met her, I imagine it’s her I am kissing, otherwise I can’t perform”.

The couple now live in Michigan, America and have spoken of their desire to marry and have a baby together. They would prefer for the baby to be biological but they are also considering other options.

However, their dreams plans have now hit a hitch as the US authorities have begun to investigate their relationship. In Michigan, an incestuous relationship between adults is punishable with 15 years in prison and if found guilty they will be put on a sex offenders register.

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