Last week, Jess made headlines after insulting Manu and other contestants around the table by insinuating that they’re not as healthy as she is – and that they ate unhealthy food.

Everyone recalls the showdown between she and Manu, where he told her that he balanced out eating what he wanted by running – and she met him with the eye roll of the century.

We quivered in our little boots. However, last night was Jess and Marco’s turn to cook – and to wow their competitors.

They served up an entree of herb and zucchini fritters with a fennel flat bread and yogurt sauce, which surprised everyone, seeing as she previously pointed out serving up carbs and oily foods as a faux pas to the other teams.

The main? A carb-ridden serving of lasagne with mushroom ragu, which goes against everything she said during her previous weeks on the show.


However, the one thing the contestants didn’t know during the evening was that Jess was experiencing a painful family tragedy; the loss of her Grandmother.

Her Grandmother passed on the day she and Marco were eliminated, and Jess said that filming the show was tough at times because she was away from her family and her mind was not on the job.

“I felt a whole sense of guilt and remorse, because I thought I was letting my family down because I wasn’t around,” she said.

“I was trying to keep saying to myself that I was doing something really positive for my future, and the my family loves me and they understand, but no matter how much someone tells you it’s OK, I still felt I should have been there a bit more.

“It was very hard.”

“It was up and down, because of what was going on in my personal life, it just really affected my personality and my ability to let new people into my life,” she said.


“I just shut down emotionally, that’s the only thing I could do.”

Source: Daily Telegraph