An invisible ”second skin” has been developed that irons out wrinkles, eliminates eye bags and can banish visible signs of ageing in an instant.

A new material, that is applied in a two-step process, protects the skin while allowing it to hold moisture and breathe.

The idea is that it will allow anyone on the wrong side of 40, look years younger but at the moment it only lasts 24 hours.

As well as appealing to the vain people amongst us, it could, in the future be used to dress wounds, screen out harmful sun rays or even deliver health medicines.

Professor Robert Langer, who has lead the team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US, said ”Developing a second skin that is invisible, comfortable and effective in holding in water and potentially other materials presents many different challenges.”

It has to have the right optical properties, otherwise it won’t look good, and it has to have the right mechanical properties, otherwise it won’t have the right strength and it won’t perform correctly.”

”We are extremely excited about the opportunities that are presented as a result of this work and look forward to further developing these materials to better treat patients who suffer from a variety of skin conditions.”


The material is called XPL and has been developed over the last five years of research, during which more than 100 non-human tests were carried out.

Once the tests were carried out and adjusted, the formula was a elastic transparant material that was composed of cross-linked molecules.

The XPL will be applied as a cream or ointment in two layers. The first contains the key components and the second a catalyst that will stiffen the skin and make it stay in place for 24 hours.

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