Micky Dolenz says he’s “over the moon” now that plans are firm for a Monkees tour and album to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary.

Last year, Dolenz and his surviving bandmates Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith began speaking with Rhino Records, which owns the rights to The Monkees’ songs and TV series. The label suggested a mix of old and new.

“They told us, you know, we’d like to go back into the archives and do a good old fashioned Monkee album, also with some of the new indie rock bands that I discovered were huge — are — huge fans. And introduced us to Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. We got along just famously.”

While many well-known artists have unreleased material, the songs they found showed real promise.

“We found some original recordings — multi-track, not just demos — that had been started, but were supposed to be released eventually. But the show went off the air and we stopped recording and the stuff has been sitting there in the vault.”

The discoveries turned out to be good songs — at least one with the late Davy Jones — from well known writers.

Micky Dolenz says “Good Times” is one of several rediscovered ’60s recordings.


“Written by Harry Nilsson, it has a beautiful vocal on it. It’s the title song of the album, Good Times. Neil Diamond wrote a song for Davy Jones. And [we’ve got] unbelievable library material. We’re doing at least, I think, three or four of those.”

Taking a glass half-full attitude, Dolenz says Mike Nesmith won’t be a full-time member of the 2016 tour — largely because he is writing a book. But, Dolenz says, he wouldn’t be surprised if Mike shows up for a couple of songs at selected dates. The door is certainly open for that. And he wants to snuff out any suspicion that Nesmith, who recently did a pair of brief tours with Micky and Peter, is again estranged from the other Monkees.

“That’s not entirely true. He wrote a song that I’m going to be singing. And he’s expressed interest in singing on it, also. He also is playing guitar on the Harry Nilsson [song]. Mike’s on guitar and Harry’s on piano. Oh no, Mike will be represented.”

Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork kick off The Monkees 50th Anniversary Tour May 18th in Fort Myers, Florida. The Good Times album will be released June 10th.