Meshel Laurie has taken aim at fitness expert Michelle Bridges over her claim that she has never met someone who is obese and happy.

Bridges made the remarks on Monday evenings Australian Story saying ”“It might be seen that I have this agenda on people who are overweight or people who are deemed fat”.

She then went on to say “But I can tell you, I’m yet to meet someone who is morbidly obese and happy.”

Meshel spoke on her breakfast radio show saying ”she is in the business of meeting people who have come to her because they are unhappy,” she said.

She then spoke about a moment with her son that happened over the weekend which made her realise just how happy she is.

“He said to me, ‘mummy, you’re fat’. I said, ‘Yeah … and that’s OK. I’m really happy. I’m a really happy person’. I meant it from the absolute pit of my soul,” she said.


“I’m such a lucky person. I’ve got two arms that work, two legs that work. A brain that’s sharp.

“It is actually possible to be fat and happy, I promise you.”

Michelle Bridges has not responded to the comments.