Michelle Bridges says she doesn’t think you can be obese and happy. Or at least she has yet to meet anyone who is.

The Biggest Loser trainer was featured on Australian Story overnight, where she addressed criticism over her role on the reality show.

“I think it might be seen that I have this agenda on people who are overweight or people who are deemed fat,” she said.

“Honestly if you are happy where you are, genuinely, more power to you.

“But I can tell you now, I am yet to have met someone who is morbidly obese and happy.”

The new mum also spoke about her relationship with fellow trainer, Steve ‘Commando’ Willis.


“For a long time, season after season of The Biggest Loser, we were just friends,” she said.

“When I first met him, he was straight out of the army. He was very intense. I remember thinking ‘Who is this guy?’”

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Willis in turn told how becoming a mum to their baby boy Axel had “brought out another side of Michelle”.

“I don’t know if at this point she’s changing her priorities, but she’s definitely asking more questions of herself.”


h/t: Daily Mail