Michelle Bridges has hit back at critics who say she’s been “irresponsible” working out so soon after giving birth.

The Biggest Loser trainer gave birth to son Axel in December, and says she was told by doctors she could return to training.

“I’m back into things a little faster than most, simply because it feels right for my body,” she told the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I have moved my whole life (a lot!), trained safely all the way through my pregnancy, and so I felt perfectly fit to get back into it (after the docs ok of course).”

Bridges, 45, received a lot of flack from mothers and medical professionals for hitting the gym so soon.

Physiotherapists Women In Focus Physiotherapy posted on social media on Friday that women should not jog so soon after giving birth.


“As a public figure encouraging women who’s [sic] body types, birth and fitness histories are unknown, to start jogging is quite frankly concerning,” the group said.

“It could potentially cause a woman more harm than good in these early stages, especially to the pelvic floor and the ligaments that support the bladder, uterus and bowel.”

Bridges argues all women are different and getting the ok from their doctor should be paramount before returning to training.

“Be patient with your body, give it time to recover,” she says.

“It’s just undergone a maternal marathon and needs time for muscles, ligaments and tissue to return to normal.


“As soon as your doctor gives you the all clear, start making it (workout) part of your daily routine.”

Guidelines advise waiting six weeks before starting a fitness regime.


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