Here’s a lesson.

If you are going to prescribe to the “Meninist” way of thinking and run a facebook page on the topic, expect people to share their honest opinions with you. 

Even when those ‘people’ can also be ‘your mother’. 

This guy got told in no uncertain terms after posting this meme to a Meninist (aka the opposite of feminist) Facebook page he runs. 

After posting the above meme on Wednesday, he was met with some interesting commentary from his mother. 

And we say Bravo! 


We especially love some of the insults that she used to describe her own flesh and blood. 

He’s never going to live this down. 

With the exception of some typos and ranting (we presume this just further illustrates her level of anger) we’re on her side. 


What do you think? 

Never mess with an angry mother! 


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