Did you know that The Knack’s 1979 smash hit ‘My Sharona’ was actually inspired by a real person?

The song, that infamously inspired Molly Meldrum to claim that the band could be ‘the next Beatles’ was written by lead singer Doug Fieger for his then seventeen year old girlfriend Sharona Alperin, and also saw her feature on the cover of the single!

Sharona is now a successful real estate agent based in Los Angeles and her business’ website mysharona.com autoplays her song when you land on her homepage! 

Her website also states:


“Sharona was only 17 when she was immortalized in the Knack’s 1979 hit single ‘My Sharona’. Sharona believes that ”My Sharona’ has had an impact on my ability to understand the entertainer’s mind, there’s something simpatico. You’ve got to care to the n’th degree. You can’t drop the ball for one minute.’ I sell ‘the most emotional product on the market, because a star’s home is their only safe haven.'”

How cool is that?

Via EMImusic