How’s this for a dream come true? A cover band named Phase5 from the Tampa, Florida, area got to perform with none other than Paul McCartney over the weekend.  The occasion was a private graduation party for McCartney’s stepson, Arlen Shevell, that took place Saturday at Interlachen Country Club in Winter Park, Florida.

The group’s frontman, Josh Walther, tells that the ex-Beatles legend’s wife, Nancy Shevell, contacted him last year to hire the band to play the event, but he admits he didn’t realize who she was until about two weeks ago.

Walther says McCartney spent about an hour out on the dance floor, then came up to the band and asked if he could sing a few songs with them.

Josh tells that McCartney asked the group to play a blues progression and improvised a tune about his stepson’s graduation. Then, Sir Paul and Phase5 went into a rendition of The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There,” a song that the cover group had never played before.

“Our piano player pulled up a chart off the Internet and we just totally winged it,” explains Walther.  “It turned out great.”

A video of the performance can be viewed now on Phase5’s Facebook page and YouTube.

Walther tells that McCartney “was really complimentary of the band” and was a “super nice guy and very unassuming.”  He also says the rock star took the time to hug and shake hands with all of the band members, and told Josh he had “the smoothest voice.”


On the Phase5 Facebook page, Walter wrote that playing with McCartney was the “thrill of a lifetime.”

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