Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc was reportedly left shaken after almost running over a cameraman while shooting a speedy car scene for British motoring show Top Gear in South Africa last month  

The actor, who is among the hosts of the new-look show, was test driving a Porsche when the near-accident occurred.

A crew member was filming while lying on the road, according to insiders, and Matt didn’t see him until the last minute.

A source told The Mirror newspaper, “He turned on the ignition and was about to take it for a drive, but he was completely unaware one of the cameramen was lying down alongside it at ground level, filming low shots.

“A tracking cameraman, who was sat in the distance, could see what was about to happen and started waving and screaming at Matt to stop.

“Matt was a bit confused but got out of the car. When he realised he could have run the man over he was noticeably shaken up. He said he needed a bit of time out. He reappeared a few hours later, wanting to know that the cameraman was OK.”

The news of the drama hit the headlines hours before shots of former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, bloodied following a car stunt, appeared online.


Clarkson posted a selfie alongside the caption: “I survived the day. Just.”

And when a fan suggested his bloodied nose was just a publicity stunt, the British TV veteran wrote: “You’re going to feel silly when you see the show. It so isn’t make-up.”

Reports suggest Clarkson was filming in Jordan for his new Amazon Prime series when he tackled the dangerous stunt.

He hasn’t revealed what went wrong.


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