Matt Damon stunned locals and bar staff at an English pub by giving out $100 (£69) tips.

The Hollywood superstar visited the Chequers Inn in Hertfordshire, England on Saturday before flying out of nearby Luton Airport.

Matt, 45, enjoyed four pints of Guinness with three friends in the understated venue before his trip.

The pub’s manager Bob Morton says the actor was friendly with the locals and even gave each member of his staff a $100 (£69) tip.

“He was a really nice guy,” he tells The Hertfordshire Advertiser. “Lots of people came up for photos and he didn’t mind one bit. He was an absolute gent. You see him on the films and you expect him to be this big film star but he’s just a normal guy.”

One local, Rich Cann was left out of pocket by the actor’s friendliness however after offering to pay for his girlfriend’s dinner if she could get a photo with the Jason Bourne actor.

“He (Matt) was sat there like a normal bloke drinking Guinness with his friends,” he tells the paper. “It was so bizarre to see this Hollywood actor in our little village. I had a bet with my girlfriend that I would pay for dinner if she went up and got a picture, and she did!”


Matt also had to put up with some gentle mockery, as Rich’s friend joked with the star about his depiction as a mentally deficient puppet in the satirical film Team America, with the actor apparently replying there was “always one,” person who brought up the movie.

While in the U.K. the Oscar-winner gave an interview about starring in Jason Bourne, the forthcoming movie in the Bourne espionage franchise.

Speaking to the BBC he revealed his decision to reprise his role after nine years was down to the film’s fans begging both him and director Paul Greengrass to return.

“Just walking down the street people will come up to both of us independently and constantly ask if there is going to be another one, and that’s really the reason we did it – that people wanted to see it,” he said.

Jason Bourne is released in the U.K on the 28 July and in the U.S. a day later


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