Married At First Sight bride Erin has a wild enough imagination to write horror stories after saying she thinks moths are “dumb enough to chase me”.

The 26-year-old is seriously troubled by the sight of a moth and pleaded with her reality show husband to never bring one home.

“I have a terrible moth phobia. It’s a legit phobia. I would sooner let a snake live in the apartment,” Erin tells Bryce.

“They’re dumb enough to chase me. I feel like it’s the sort of animal that doesn’t fear human threat.”

Bryce kept a straight face and promised that no moth will ever live in his apartment.

It’s unlikely children will either after Erin told Bryce’s mother that she’s never thought about starting a family.


Bryce, who is 31 and five years older than Erin, doesn’t want to start a family too late.

Her admission could torpedo the most stable relationship on the Nine Network series which reaches its climax next week.

“I had never really properly considered the idea of having kids because I have never had to. I’d be pretty content without them,” Erin said.

One couple even having trouble discussing their next date, let alone children, was Xavier and Simone.

The pair, who hit it off at their wedding and had a blast on their Fijian honeymoon, are in danger of heading to Splitsville.


Xavier loves his sport and doing what he wants while Simone yearns to be romanced.

“Is it going so boring to the point where I am so bored, this isn’t exciting anymore,” she said.

“How many times can I ask to be taken on a date or be romanced … if it doesn’t happen you start to doubt yourself.”

It’s not the lack of dates but the constant travelling that is eating away at Victorian country boy Mark and Sydney city-slicker Christie’s “marriage”.

Neither is really wants to embrace the other’s lifestyle.


Christie’s intolerance got the better of her: “It’s not just different cities, it’s different lifestyles. I just don’t think I can do this. I just wasted a whole f****g day travelling.”

Ever-patient Mark can sense the end is nigh.

“The commuting is killing us. Every time we travel it puts so much tension on us. I can’t change the fact I am from the country. It’s just the way it is.

“I feel like it is going to break us for sure, 100 per cent, at this stage.”

Still the pair was together at the end of Tuesday’s episode and there’s some hope of it lasting – which is more than Jono and Claire, whose marriage is kaput.



Photos: Married At First Sight

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