She may have found fame on the second series of Married At First Sight, but it doesn’t appear the TV show has lead to a steady income for Erin Bateman.

On Thursday, she took to Instagram to announce she was selling her designer wares, just a week after admitting she had to curb her spending as she was out of money.

Posting a photo of her designer Tees Saint Laurent handbags, Erin targeting Instagrams ‘cashed up ladies’ with her post.

 ‘I’m selling some of my designer goodies,’ Erin wrote, ‘[The] reason being is I need to be a responsible adult, for me this means offloading expensive stuff that I really couldn’t afford, to begin with.’

She then went on to say that if her followers like ‘YSL [Yves Sant Laurent], Gucci, LV [Louis Vuitton]’ they should feel free to send her a personal message on Instagram.

The sale of her expensive clothes comes after she revealed on her blog that she was struggling to bring in a full-time income, saying ‘When I HAD a full-time income, I was addicted to beauty enhancing activities, which came with a big price-tag.’


‘However, being more or less unemployed, I’ve had to let my common sense take a bit of control over my spending habits.’

‘Despite my job situation, the urge to look good constantly has never left me. Instead of cutting it out altogether and sinking into a dark hole of misery (slight exaggeration there) instead I’ve decided to be smart about my beauty regime.’ 

It’s not the start to the year Erin would have been hoping for after a bit of a disastrous end to 2016, where she lost her drivers license for six months.

She and Bryce are the only couple to survive after appearing on Married at First Sight last year.  

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